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Making Safe Payments to Casinos

Safety should be paramount in your mind when you make online money transfer to your casino account. There is nothing safer than dealing in cash but when you gamble online you don’t have this option for depositing money into your casino account. Hence, some mode of online money transfer is what you need. But before you decide to enter your credit or debit card number into the casino website you should ensure that the transaction will be safe.

Before we talk about ensuring safety when transferring money to your casino account, let us briefly look at the options available to you.

Credit cards
Credit cards issued by VISA and MasterCard are mostly preferred for money transfer to casinos. Most people have credit cards and these are what they prefer to use. A few clicks of the mouse and the money gets deposited into your casino account.

Debit cards
Debit cards are slowly taking the place of credit cards as the most preferred mode of online money transfer. They work in the same way as credit cards but they limit your spending to the amount of money you have in your bank account.

Net banking
There are such stringent checks in net banking that sometimes this mode of money transfer is the safest mode. All you need for this is your net banking user ID and password.

E-wallets are also very safe because they are like prepaid cash cards. The limit on your spending is there and your bank account or credit card details remain safe because you don’t need to log in or enter card numbers.

When you are directed to the payment page you can usually see a padlock sign on the status bar of your browser. The URL of the payment page will start with “https” instead of “http”. You will also see “https” in green fonts, thus indicating it is safe to transact.