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Responsible Gambling

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Gambling is a serious addiction and should be played with a caution. When there is lack of responsibility on the part of the gambler, it is termed as problem gambling. When a person is excessively addicted to gambling and as a result having adverse effects on other aspects of his/her life, like mental and physical health and performance at work place, relationships with others, it is called problem gambling.

People suffering with gambling problems often bet unaffordable amounts of money and lose, exhaust credit cards, borrow money from others and much more that land them up in trouble. As a result they lose their self-integrity. Problem gambling may affect people irrespective of gender, age, nationality, race, religion, or social status. One should obviously gamble with the money one can afford to lose.

One should set time and money limits to restrict the affordability of both. Once lost, consider the loss forever and you should never chase the loss.

There are certain dos and don’ts in order to carry out responsible gambling. Some of the rules that you must follow are that you should be well aware about problem gambling, its negative impacts, the help available, and the ways of recovery. In case of uncontrollable problem gambling one must seek help from counselors, family, friend, self-help organizations, or clergy.

It is always wise to let the other gamblers know before playing if one is a problem gambler. Also in case of listening about the behavior and problems of the other gambler one should be calm and helpful by acknowledging his/her need for counseling. It is advisable to protect one’s own personal finance. One must inform the family and friends of a problem gambler about his/her behavior.

There are certain things one must not do while gambling. While dealing with problem gamblers, one must not give him/her lecture, accuse or get angry with him or her. Try not to gamble with such people at the first place. In case one is gambling with such people one must not look down upon them. And obviously one cannot expect a quick payment of the sum won. The most important caution is not to lend money to such people. Drinking while gambling is as dangerous as drinking while driving. One must not gamble when depressed. One must never consider gambling as a way of earning. Gambling establishments are set up to make profit from this business. They take more money from people than let people win. People having gambling problems hold false notions that they will win. This false belief feeds the vicious circle.

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