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Some roulette terms you probably don’t know

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No matter how long you have been playing the game of roulette you will always have something new to learn from the game. And there are these terms and definitions that you wouldn’t normally have come across. Use these terms and you sure will be able to amaze your friends and neighbors on the roulette table.

Action player:
There are some of these players that constantly make those large bets. These players are referred to as action players.

A cage is where the cashiers sit in the casino. It is a secure room that resembles a cage but you can see the cashiers sitting inside. There is a small opening through which the transactions happen.

Chameleon Strategy:
The chameleon strategy is where someone looks for one of those players that have been winning constantly. Their bets are then copied for good luck. No matter what the strategy of the copying player is they blindly copy the bets made by the winning player.

Color up
When you feel that Lady Luck is on your side on a particular day you may want to replace chips of smaller denominations with chips of larger denominations. This will reduce the number of chips you will need to handle and also allow you to make larger bets.

Collone bet:
Collone bet is the French term for column bet. When you use this term the dealer will come to understand what you mean but many players around you may get some bit of surprise.

En Prison:
En Prison is French for “in prison”. This rule is applicable in some casinos. If you make an even money bet and the ball stops at 0 then the en prison rule permits you to receive back half your bet or stay in prison for the next spin. If the next spin is also 0 then you lose your money.

While neighbors would typically mean the other players around you at the roulette table in the roulette parlance it indicates the numbers that are in immediate left and right of the winning slot.

This is a very European roulette term where one can bet on specific numbers that are neighbors on the roulette wheel but otherwise staggered on the roulette table.

Parlay indicates a player leaving their winnings of the previous rounds on top of their current wager.

It is a French term for the six-line bet.

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