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The Origin of Live Roulette TV

June 2005 saw a revolution in online casinos. This is when live roulette, an interactive gaming show, was launched. People that had got bored playing software controlled and managed roulette in online casinos now started getting a taste of live roulette from their homes.

The concept of the game on the television is very simple. If you want to play roulette from home like it is played in a brick and mortar casino then this is the best option for you. You sit at home, watch the program on TV and place your bets using the phone. If you win your name is flashed on the casino website and on the TV and chips get credited to your account.

How the game looked in 2008Live roulette TV was started as an experiment to see if it would work as a gaming show. It soon got a dedicated slot of 6pm to 2am as the players started enjoying live roulette. In September 2006 two more hours were added to the show telecast as it was extended till 4am. And the focus on the presenters was reduced to give more focus on the wheels. There are live roulette shows where there are no presenters and croupiers. An air powered wheel is used to recreate the actions of a real roulette wheel.

Sky TV is mainly where this form of roulette is broadcast. Live roulette TV is available on Sky TV channels 866, 190 and 105. On channel 866 of Sky TV, live roulette is broadcast between 6pm and 4am and during the rest of the time an auto wheel is used. Channel 105 broadcasts live roulette between 10pm to 2am. The starting time in channel 105 varies but the game goes on till 4am.

There is no difference between actual roulette and roulette on TV. There are the presenters and the spinners and there are the players. Players play on TV and they can interact with other players and the croupiers. The way the wheel is spun is standard, the way the bets are made is standard and the way the winners are decided is also standard.

Live roulette TV is actually the first gambling game to feature on terrestrial TV. Although there have been many debates and political discussions on the subject of bringing gambling home it is the popularity of this format of gambling that now sees live roulette TV being available all 7 days of the week.

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