Biased Roulette Wheels

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Though all the wheels are made in a perfect way, flaws are not impossible. However, a flawed roulette wheel can influence the outcome of the game to a large extent.

A flawed roulette wheel can produce results which are biased towards certain numbers or a particular number. A roulette wheel is constantly in use and because of this they have to be of a very high standard so that they can last for a long time. Before investing in a roulette wheel the casinos also see to it that it passes several tests to ensure it is not a biased one.

A typical roulette wheel is made of two main parts – a wooden bowl with a ball track and a wheelhead which rotates inside the bowl. The wheelhead can be made of wood or metal and is usually very heavy and is placed on a spindle so that it can spin effortlessly.

A biased roulette wheel is one which is not perfectly balanced and dips towards a certain side. Because of this the outcome is affected and the numbers towards which it is tilted comes up in more frequency. A roulette wheel consists of several slots which are alternatively colored black and red and randomly numbered. The wheel is spun and the dealer drops the ball in the spinning wheel. The ball travels across several slots and as the wheel slows down, it drops into one of the slots. In case of a biased roulette wheel, the ball is certain to land in the low section of the wheel more often. A wheel in which the partition or frets between the different slots are loose can also lead to biased results.

A biased roulette wheel can prove to be a problem for the casino owners but a boon for the players. If the players realize that the wheel is biased and some numbers are coming up in more frequency, they can take advantage of that to win large amounts. This tactics have been used earlier by several players to win large amounts.

In order to avoid a biased wheel, the wheels have to be checked and maintained regularly by the casinos.