Roulette Wheels – European vs American

The sight of the roulette wheel spinning and the roulette ball spinning in it is a great sight. Players tend to hold their breath as the wheel tends to come to a stop and large whoops can be heard when the ball comes to rest in one of the slots in the wheel. The winner or the winners are the ones that involuntarily scream out when they see the outcome of the spin.

Yes, roulette is that kind of a game. It is a game of chance where every spin is independent of other spins and the winning number gets picked up randomly. If the craps tables are the noisiest in casinos roulette tables follow closely behind.

Before you start playing roulette you need to know the basics of the game. And nothing is more basic than understanding the roulette wheel. If you know the roulette wheel you will be able to pick the right casino to play, especially when you plan to play online.

There are two types of roulette wheels – European and American. The American roulette wheel is used in casinos across the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and South America. In the other parts of the world, especially in European casinos it is the European wheel that is used. There is a small difference between the European and the American wheels but this small difference creates a large difference when it comes to roulette odds.

In the European roulette wheel there are 37 slots. There is one slot for each of the numbers 1 through 36. The additional slot is for the number 0. The American wheel is also similar in terms of layout except that it has an additional 38th slot that is occupied by 00. Earlier on the American roulette wheels had a 39th slot that was occupied by the American Eagle but these wheels are now only available as collectors’ items.

How does this create a difference? The house edge in a European roulette wheel is 2.70% while it goes up to 5.26% in an American roulette wheel. This difference in house edge makes a difference in the odds. It is always profitable when you play in a European roulette wheel.

Always get to know about the roulette wheel before you start a casino game. Look for those casinos that use the European wheel. This is when you take lesser risks and can win more.

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