Offers Attractive Bonus and Promotions to New and Existing Players

Whether you are new to the site or have been playing the games at the site has an extra sop, an attractive add-on to your gaming experience on the platter. is known for its live TV roulette games where audiences across UK can watch and bet online or by calling the site’s customer support. Winners are announced by presenters on TV.

The site is also the playground of gambling enthusiasts and hosts more than 200 games of different kind which covers the entire casino table, card and slot line up as well as games that have picked their theme for a popular Hollywood movie, movie character or celebrity. Speaking of promotions, there is a blanket offer that if you open account and deposit money as low as £20 your money equivalent to play is doubled. So a £50 deposit would mean you have £100 to bet with, on the condition that you place a specific number of bets using your minimum deposit.

Another flagship promotion is voucher for free flight and return from any of 12 given European destinations. This includes Amsterdam, Dublin, Munich, Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Copenhagen and Malaga as also Milan, Berlin, Lisbon and Nice. Usually such promotional offer has a time frame for availing the free voucher. The voucher can be attained by visiting the site and providing the code given by NetPlay TV. organizes weekly tournaments on roulette games already being aired, offering you chance to win extra money. The tournaments are held on the live roulette game and roulette express premium. You can enter by checking the schedule given and join at any point of time the particular game on which tournament is being run is on. Since there’s no fee payment involved you can play simply to garner points. For every pound bet you earn one point. So per round you can apply multiplier per spin. For betting on every tournament top player is awarded prize of £100.

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