The 2 Highest Inside Bets

To play roulette a player needs to place the betting chips on the table to cover the bet they want. The table is split into two types of bets, the inside bet and the outside bet.

The inside bets are placed on numbered grids in middle area of the table and the payouts for this area are higher than outside bets.

The highest payout amongst the inside bets are is the straight-up bet. These are also known as en plein and chips are only placed on one number. Since the chances of that single number coming up are very low, the payout for the straight-up bets is the highest with 35 to 1.

The second highest awarding bet is the split bet. As the name suggests, the bet is placed on two numbers; the two numbers however have to be placed side by side on the roulette table so that the chips can be placed on the line passing through the middle of the two numbers. The payout for split bets is 17 to 1.

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