The Top Five Casino Games

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The moment you enter a casino you are greeted by crowds. You find some people screaming and shouting in one corner of the casino and a table with the most serious looking players in the other end of the casino. While most players already know which game they would like to play it is still worthwhile to know which the most popular games are.

Roulette is a classical casino game where money is won or lost depending on where the roulette ball lands when the roulette wheel stops spinning. With 37 slots in the American roulette wheel and 37 slots in the European roulette wheel the odds are highly stacked against the players but with some well thought out strategies and some bit of luck one can really make a lot of money in this game.

Baccarat was only played by the rich and the famous once upon a time but it is now played by many. However, the exclusivity of baccarat is still maintained by the casinos by placing the baccarat tables in a separate area. In baccarat players bet on punto or banco and win depending on which of these two has a better hand.

Slots don’t need much strategy and are ideal for those that are new to casinos or are not comfortable dealing with the croupier and the pit bosses. Today there are a range of slot machines found in all the casinos where players place their bets and hope for a line that can make them win the jackpot.

Blackjack is the most popular banking casino game in the world where one needs to beat the dealer without going bust, i.e. over 21. The ideal combination in blackjack is a jack and an ace that surely wins the hand. Players are all united in this game because their ultimate objective is to beat the dealer.

Poker is the king of card games and is enjoyed by some of the best players in the world. There are different variations of the game of poker and the five-card stud is perhaps the most popular of them all. Poker has become so popular now that there is a World Series of Poker that is played where players win and lose millions. As is the name of the game it is important to maintain a poker face so as not to reveal one’s cards.

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