Roulette Bets

Before you start to play roulette it is a good idea to learn about the types of bets available, this way you can make the most of your money. You can make your bet by placing the chips on the betting board in the following ways, these are inside and outside bets.

Inside Bets: Under the inside bets we have the straight bets, corner bets, street bets, split bets, six line bets and the five number bet.

  • Straight Bets: It has the maximum payout in the game of Roulette and hence, it is a very popular bet. You need to simply place the chip on the desired number by predicting the next number. If that particular number comes he or she will end up getting 35 times his bet.
  • Split Bets: A split bet is one where you place your chip on the line that separates two numbers
  • Street Bets: A street bet is used to cover three horizontal numbers. It is also known as the trio bet.
  • Corner Bets: Another popular type of bet is the corner bet, where you simply place the chip in between four numbers in a square layout. It is also known as the four number bet.
  • Five Numbers Bet: It is a bet that can be played only on the American wheel. It is a bet placed on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3.
  • Six line bets: A bet placed by putting the chip on the corresponding intersection.

Outside Bets: Under the outside bets we have red or black bets, odd or even bets, low or high bets, column bets, dozen bets.

  • Red or Black Bets: A bet made by simply putting the chip in either colours of red or black. You have 50/50 chance of winning in this type of bet. This is because a Roulette wheel has only two colours; red and black. However, 0 (green zero) does not fall in the category of either colour.
  • Odd or even: It is a popular type of bet made when the chip is placed on either an even number or an odd number. Neither 0 nor 00 fall in the category of odd or even.
  • Low or high bets: The numbers 1-18 are low numbers and the numbers 19-36 are high numbers.
  • Column Bets: There are three columns of number at the end of the table; the top, middle and the bottom column.
  • Dozen Bets: Similar to column bets, the dozen bets can be placed by placing your chips on either the first dozen (1-12), the second dozen (13- 24) or the third dozen (25-36)

There are also a number of French roulette bets you can make such as the voisins du zero, Orphelins and Tiers which can add interest and fun to the game of roulette. These bets require a minimum amount of chips to be placed on them.

If you are playing for the first time online, it is advisable to stick to the outside betting options. They can be easily understood and you have fair chances to win. Though the payoff is much smaller than the inside bets, nevertheless they are no less great.

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