How To Play

Playing Live roulette TV is very easy and fun to play, the game is just so easy to play anyone can pick it up in no time at all, there are no complicated rules to learn and remember it’s just a case of pick a bet and hope it wins. Most people who don’t know how to play roulette pick the game up in a matter of minutes. It’s very simple to register and play online roulette, it’s also easy to learn; all you need to know is how to place your bets, and then wait for the ball to land.

Joining a Casino.

Even though you can play for free without registering it is still a good idea to join a site for the bonuses. Registration is just a simple matter of filling out the registration form. Once you have done this you can go back to the main site and log-in. Once logged in pick one of the game options, either for real money or fun.

Making your bets.

With live roulette on TV the wheel spins every 3 minutes so you have this time to decide where you are going to place your next bet. Bets are made by placing your chips on the roulette board before the wheel is set off spinning. This is done by clicking on the chips you want and then the the number(s) or section of the table or wheel you want to pick. Once you are happy with your selection you will need to confirm everything is OK before the bets are placed.

The Game in Play.

Once the wheel starts spinning a croupier then sets the roulette ball spinning in the opposite direction to the wheel. This is the exciting bit as no one knows where the ball will land and everyone is hoping to win. Once the ball is spinning the camera zooms in close to the wheel so everyone can get better view of the ball as it slows down. When the ball finally drops onto a number the croupier calls the result.

The Results:
Once the ball has landed the result is named and the number shown on the screen for everyone to see. Also with live roulette TV shows the presenters read out some of the winners names as they are shown on screen.

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A recommended minimum connection speed of 1 Meg is suggested to watch and play live roulette through the website.