Roulette Lingo

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Every game has its own set of terms or lingo related to it and roulette has its fair share of them. But when you spend some time on the roulette table these terms will come easy to you. However, there are some basic terms and definitions that you should be aware of to start the game. Given below are 10 terms used in roulette lingo to make life easy for you.

Although chips are associated with each and every casino game but you should still know about them. When you go to a casino you don’t use cash to play games. You go to the teller and submit cash and chips are given to you in exchange. The chips are numbered and colored as per their value and they are used for making bets.

The croupier is the master of the roulette table. Also known as the dealer, the croupier is the one that runs the game. The croupier announces “no more bets” and they are the ones that spin the wheel and introduce the ball into the wheel.

The roulette table is where the bets are placed.

American and European roulette wheels
The roulette wheels are divided into various sections with a number assigned to each section. The American roulette wheel has 38 sections where the numbers 0 to 36 have a section each. The additional section is for 00. The European roulette wheel has 37 sections and 00 is not present in this wheel.

Inside bets
Inside bets are bets that are placed on the numbers on the roulette table. Straight bets, column bets and street bets are examples of inside bets.

Outside bets
Outside bets are placed just outside the number layout. Even bets, odd bets and dozen bets are examples of outside bets.

En Prison
The En Prison rule applies in case of even money bets. If the ball stops in the 0 slot some casinos will allow players to take back half of their bet or leave it en prison or in prison for a subsequent spin. If the ball stops at 0 in the next spin too then the wagered amount is lost.

House Edge
House edge is the casino’s advantage to make money from every game. It is the difference between the true odds and the payout done.

And as you get to know the terms associated with the game you also get to know about the various strategies associated with it. Martingale System, Lebouchére System and D’Alembert System are some of the most popular strategies.