Roulette Strategies

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It was in Paris in 1765 that the French people first got the taste of the Roulette when this invention was first introduced. Until today, roulette is the oldest live casino game that is still a hot favourite amongst gamblers. You may have seen a red and black wheel in operation on the live roulette TV program or in movies whenever there is a casino scene.

In this game, no one can predict or even calculate a win as it entirely depends on a person’s luck. Albert Einstein is said to have made a statement that the only way to beat the roulette table is to steal money from it. But people have been using various strategies to make a killing at the roulette table and many serious players are continuously coming up with new strategies for other players keen on playing the game.

There is the Martingale Betting strategy where a player keeps increasing his bet by doubling it every time he looses. This will help the player recoup his earlier losses in case he does win later on through the game. This is not a very good strategy as many players have ended up loosing everything in the end. Another live roulette strategy used by many players is one based on bets, which are calculated using the Fibonacci sequence.

Example of the Martingale Strategy:

£1 on red – lose
£2 on red – lose
£4 on red – lose
£8 on red – win £16
Total spend £15
Profit: £1 – (the original stake)

In 1990s, the computer was used to predict the slots into which the balls would fall to enable the person to win. Bets then were placed on the likely numbers that would cause a win and it so happened that the person who devised this strategy made lots of money.

Some players adopt mechanical strategies where they feel that the mechanical wheel of the roulette machine being man made has greater chances of giving them a win at some point if they keep placing their bets on the same number.

However, there have been numerous roulette strategies that have been devised by players, more often than not it is always the casino, which ends up making the money as no clear-cut strategy for making a win everytime has been devised yet. If any player wins continuously then it can only be due to their luck and not anything else. So if you are playing at the live casino roulette table and have made money after a few bets then it would be advisable for you to call it quits otherwise you will probably end up losing everything you have won.

So the best winning strategy in any live roulette game would be based on your luck that day and the time when the player decides to quit after a winning streak.