Voisins Du Zero

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The Sectors of a European wheelWhen playing live roulette there are several different bets you can choose from, knowing all of the bets makes the game much more interesting as you have more options to choose from. The most well known bets are the inside and outside bets, these are the bets which are placed on the table, either inside the numbered area or just outside it. You can however place some bets on the wheel, these bets are known as the French bets.

One of the French bets is called the “voisins du zero” which translates as “neighbours of zero”. The two numbers either side of any number are called its neighbours. The voisins du zero is a nine chip bet with a high percentage winning opportunity at 45.9% leaving the casino with an advantage of 2.7%.

To make a “voisins du zero” or neighbours of zero bet your nine chips are spread out on the roulette table as follows to cover a big section of the wheel.

Two chips are placed covering the number Zero 2 and 3.
One chip is placed splitting 4 and 7.
The second chip is placed splitting 12 and 15.
The third chip splits 18 and 21.
One on 19 and 22.
Two chips are placed on a corner covering 26,26,28 and 29.
Finally a last chip covers the numbers 32 and 35 as a split.

The return on this bet depends upon which number comes in. When making a voisin du zero bet you are covering 17 numbers out of the 36 on the wheel.

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