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Responsible gambling at Jackpot247

One of UK’s best live casinos, Jackpot 247 is known for its superb roulette games, exciting slots and others which includes video poker, blackjack etc. Apart from providing to the players a quality gambling experience, variety of exciting games, efficient customer services and one of the best promotional deals in the industry, the casino is also well known for its responsible gambling policy. Jackpot 247 is dedicated towards providing its players a safe and fun casino experience. Visit Jackpot247 Now.

When gambling, especially online, the players are prone to spending more than they can afford to. In order to help the players manage their finances and keep a check on their spending, the casino offers to the players the option to set their deposit amounts – the players have the option to set how much they can deposit in their account on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For this all the player needs to do is send a request to the casino’s support team. In order to help the players keep a track of their spending, deposits and withdrawals, the betting history can be accessed through the ‘My Account’ section of the website.

The casino recognizes that gambling can lead to addiction and in order to help the players prevent it, the casino provides a host of information which can help the players identify if they are suffering from any problem. The casino website also has contact information for various websites which deals with gambling related problems.

Jackpot 247 also offers a self-exclusion policy to the players which allow the players to exclude themselves from the games and the website for as long as 2 years maximum. During this time the players will also not receive any promotional materials; the casino also makes sure that the players cannot re-register to the website before the expiry of the self-exclusion period.

All the croupiers and staff of the casino are well versed and trained in the responsible gambling policies and also to efficiently address any gambling problems faced by the players. To prevent under age gambling, the casino strictly makes sure all the registered players are above 18 years of age. The casino even has a software which prevents players below the legal age from joining and incase the casino has any doubts about the player’s age sometimes third party verifications are also carried out. Undoubtedly Jackpot 247 is one of the safest and secure online casinos and gives utmost importance towards safeguarding the players sensitive information.

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